Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Full Thrust!

A blast from the past.

Tamsin and I finally got Full Thrust onto the table.

We used the Full Thrust Lite rules and got a few games in one night, so, not bad.

We played with the starter armies in the books and lots of fun.

Tamsin brought her very nice space map to use. It's a bit small at 3' x 3', but good for a starter game.

I had the NSL, Tamsin had the ESU

The fleets deploy on the table

The NSL line up on a battle cruiser

"All vessels fire at the lead battle cruiser!"

Game 2, the fleets bunch up

The NSL bust thru and start to turn, finding it difficult with their engines damaged...

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TamsinP said...

We'll have to get some more games in soon. Maybe move up to full Full Thrust and use our mega fleets.