Saturday, 13 July 2019

ADLG-R Early 30 Years War Germans vs Later 30 Years War Swedish

Sean has been busy painting and basing up a bunch of Pike & Shot that were originally for FoGR, but never got there.

One of the joys of ADLG-R is the smaller figure count, so, you can paint up an army much quicker, or, buy lots more armies.


Sean had put some banners on his pike and was running them as Early 30 Years War Germans, so I brought in my Later 30 Years War Swedes for a vaguely historical game.

The Swedes won the initiative and attacked.  Would have been rude not to.

Sean went for a deep deployment with his six foot in a dense formation, with heavy cuirassiers on the left and reiters on the right.

I went for the classic long line of foot with my heavy elite mounted on the left and the non heavy elite on the right.

Close up of the Germans

The Swedes advance and take fire from the very accurate German artillery

The German mounted retreat in face of the Swedish forces while the Swedish foot take fire.

As the Swedes come into range, they start to take effects from fire.

The German and Swedish mounted move into range while the Swedish foot suffer heavy casualties to fire.

Close up of the centre, the Swedes have lots of markers.....

 The lines meet!

The German reiters beat the Swedish mounted and advance to take the guns.  Some very desperate close range fire from the artillery slows the attack.

The Swedish mounted finally broke thru the German mounted wing and started to roll up the German flanks.

End result, big win to the Swedes!

Friday, 7 June 2019

ADLG-R Early 17th Century French vs New Model English

Nice to be back with ADLG-R after my horrible performance at The Challenge.

With ADLG-R now stable on the May 2019 release, a few more people from the club have started to play it and a few are basing up some spare troops as Keils and other larger units.

Martin brought his New Model English and I had the French.

The end result was a mutual destruction with both armies loosing quite a few bases and nearly everything had a cohesion marker on it by the end of the game.

The French won the initiative and attacked.

We both had armies of around 24 break points.  I had a central command of impact pike & shot supported by two heavy artillery and mounted flanks.

Turn 1.  The French advance

Turn 4

The French run out of pips and can't hold onto the impetuous mounted, so, they charge a pike & shot.  Luckily it was already disrupted, but the P&S held its ground.

Turn 5
The lines crash
One of the French foot units is looking rather poorly.

On the right hand flank, the French mounted have burst thru

Turn 6
The English flank charge!

Turn 8
The French foot finally break thru

Saturday, 30 March 2019

ADLG-R Pirates vs Later Austrians

And now for something serious PIRATES!!!!

Geoff wanted to bring out his FoGR pirates, so, he mocked up a list and brought them for a game of ADLG-R. 

I haven't written up any rules for ships, but since Geoff had gone to the effort of bringing his pirate ship, it would have been rude to not have a water way.  The ship didn't add anything to the game other than a menacing threat of artillery.

After a very bloody firefight, both armies conceded the table and retreated in an orderly fashion (mutual destruction)


Annoyingly, I forgot to bring some baggage

Turn 1
The Austrians advance

First blood to the Austrians!

Turn 1 Pirates
How come their shooting is much more effective?  We are trained Austrians

Turn 2
The Austrian Dragoons see an opportunity and block the escape route of the Pirate Light Foot, allowing the mounted to charge them down

Turn 2 Pirates
hmmmm, the Pirates did the same thing to the dragoon.....

Turn 3
The Austrian mounted charge the pirates and it didn't go well

 End of Turn 3
The Austrian right hand flank, including general is wiped out to just one Pirate unit!

Turn 4
The Austrian's advance slows under the pirate musket volleys

Turn 5
The Austrians break thru on the left hand flank, while getting ready for the flank attack on the right

Turn 6
The Pirates charge and break thru.  I think they caused 4 markers on a unit that had already taken 5.....

Shortly afterwards, both armies broke, the Pirates lost 26 of 26 and the Austrians lost 25 of 22.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

ADLG in Pamplona!

The CLWC descended upon Pamplona this weekend for an ADLG competition.

The theme, "army must contain a minimum of two cataphracts"

Interesting choice, not a period I've ever tried, so, I brought my Chinese army, using the Southern and Northern Dynasties. 

The Europeans generally use a two list competition, so, one list an impact mounted version, the other a medium foot with an Elephant.

The Runners & Riders, some very scary opponents

The result, I got 4th!  I managed four wins, a mutal destruction and Jean-yves in the final round absolutely spanked me.  Very impressed to get 4th place.

Before the comp, we took a side trip to San Sebastian for some sun, wine and pinxtos (Basque for tapas)

I didn't take many photos of the games as I was too busy in the games.

Game 1 vs Juan Carlos's Sassanid Persians.

Yes, that was a 3 wide elite Elephant with two elite impact swordsman death star.

I found the best way to deal with the death star, flank both armies and forced the Elephants to split up.

 Game 2 vs Eduardo's Patrician Romans.  

One all mightly centre of 8 legionaires, supported by elite auxilia and two medium artillery.

Luckily, the flanks were pretty week so we went thru them first with my impact mounted

Game 3 vs Carlos's Kyro Koreans
A mutual destruction!

Game 6 the final round
Civil war vs Jean-yves

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

ADLG-R AAR English Parliamentarian vs Early 30 Years War Swedish

The ADLG-R rules are starting to stabilise and we've had lots of practice games with it now.

Andy brought his English Parliamentarian vs my Early 3o Years War Swedish.

We didn't realise till the end of the game that Andy had been working off an older version of the rules and had brought 250 points to my 230 points, which explained his army size of 28!

The Swedes won the initiative and invaded England.

The English tried to cover the table in bad terrain but most of it fell on the Swedish side.  One positive for the Swedes was a gentle hill just in the right place for an artillery unit.

The English lined up with their pike & shot in the center and both flanks with average horse armed with pistol.  For rear support, some mediocre pike & shot or cav with carbine.

The Swedes went for the classic line up of the Salvo Pike & Shot in the centre and on the left hand flank Elite Heavy Cav with Pistol, plus a dragoon and a Reiter with a command shot.

The third command was on a flank march, much to Andy's horror.

The result?  Mutual Destruction, the Swedes loosing 23 of 23, the English loosing 28 of 28.

Turn 1, Deployment

Turn 2
The Swedish flank march still hasn't arrived, rolling a 1 in turn 1 & 2. 

The Swedes begin to advance under artillery fire in the centre and on the left, break out from the rough terrain and threaten the English flank.

The English move their left hand cavalry wing to protect what they hope will be the flank march and advance their right flank of mounted to counter the Swedish mounted.

Turn 3

The Swedish foot's advance slows down while they take time to recover cohesion due to the artillery fire.

The English mounted use the delayed flank march as an excuse to break off one mounted to go sack the camp or charge the artillery unit on the hill.

On the left flank, the Swedish mounted charge the English, hoping to break thru and then get into the flanks of the foot.

The initial charge doesn't cause a break thru but the English flank is in trouble.

The Swedish Reiters with Dragoon support fire at the English Dragoon.

Turn 4

The Swedish flank march still hasn't arrived, they must have gone the long way, via a bar, Denmark, thru Belgium, up thru France and then delayed by Southern Rail.

The mounted melee in the flank continues with the Swedes loosing all the combats


 Turn 5

The Swedish flank march finally rolls a 6 and will be arriving next turn on the right hand flank.

In the center, the Swedish foot line up ready for a charge, they still take heavy fire from the English foot and artillery, but the rear support starts taking effect.

 Turn 6

The Swedish foot charge the English, breaking one foot unit in a turn with a series of 6-1s.

Turn 7 & 8.

Nearly every unit is engaged in combat on both sides with a mutual destruction happening in turn 8.

Cracking game!