Tuesday, 19 February 2019

ADLG Communal Italians off to Burton 2019

Andy and I are teaming up for Badcon in Burton upon Trent.

The competition period is 300 points any book 1251—1500AD
So, we've decided to go for something fun but with a lot of options.
We've gone for Papal Communal Italian.
Andy is our master of puns and come up with the general names
Army is lead by Pope Giltiparti
The knight command is lead by Eduardo Crilli
Alberto Bertorelli will be leading the 2nd foot command
Tanquard de Limoncello will be leading the foot assault command.

The Runners & Riders

Lots of scary armies, so, let's see how well we go.

ADLD Runners and Riders.
3 STEVE ROYLE & JASON SCOTT                          AZTEC 1500AD
6 ANDY GILBERT & MARK DUDMAN                       KHMER 1252AD
7 NIK SHARP & DAVE HANDLEY                             KHMER 1251AD
8 ANDY WALLACE & MARTIN ROUTH                    HYW FRENCH 1400AD
9 TONY PARKIN & CHRIS TONGE                          INDONESIAN 1400AD
10 ANDREW & MATHEW MARTIN                           SERBIAN 1381AD
11 ALAN COLE & PAUL CARTER                            HYW FRENCH 1429AD
12 MICK HOOD & ROB ASHLEY                              VENETIAN 1495AD
13 ADRIAN STEER & ANDY McKAY                        FRENCH ORDONNANCE 1479AD
16 FREDRIK BODIN & FREDRIC BOHM                  SWISS 1476AD
17 KEVIN JOHNSON & ROB TAYLOR                      SWISS 1401AD

I am Ashurbanipal king of the world, king of Assyria

Now for something different!

I went to the British Museum to see their special event on Assyria.

I don't know much detail about the pre biblical period so it was a great starter into this incredible period.

A cuniform "book", carved into stone.  The size of the font is really small

To give colour to these objects, the museum used a projector.

Showing the power of the King and his acquaducts

One of the wall plaques showing a battle

Monday, 28 January 2019

ADLG-R. Early Louis XIV vs English Parliamentarians

Another game of ADLG-R with a few new rules. We reduced the points cost for pike and shot so we could have a few more troops, which gave a better game feel. The rear support rule was changed so that if you had rear support and beat the required roll by 2+, you remove two cohesion markers. This made rear support quite effective , especially with lots of shooting.

The French didn’t have much luck again, the English out shot them and beat them in melee.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

ADLG-R Later Louis XIV vs Later Danish

For this weeks test, we tried the two later renaissance period armies, I fielded the Later Louis XIV (approx 1671) vs Later Danish (1691).

One of the things that has come out of the tests so far is I need to redo the points for the pike and shot.  They are over priced and you don't get a very large army.

We are playing on the standard sized table for 15mm, being 30 UD wide.  For a 200 point game, I had four pike & shot, two heavy artillery, two dragoons, two elite horse, a medium cav carbine and a horse pistol.

The Danes had slightly more foot, but they were LMI - Shot Bayonet, a medium gun, a dragoon and some horse.

We did have lots of spare space, both of us had at least 15UD spare space.

Anyhow, back to the game.

Louis won the initiative and invaded Denmark.  Louis had become bored of the croissant and wanted a butter danish.

The table was very open, I had a good hill with a field on it in my centre and another field right behind it.

The brown felt are plantations (which we forgot about in the game)

I split my army on both sides of the hill for some stupid reason where the Danes lined up in a more classical approach.  I did include a flank march, sending a Dragoon, Medium Cav Carbine and Horse Pistol off to my right. 

Turn 1, the French advance and the flank march arrives!

End of Turn 1, the French and Danish shooting fails to impress anyone.

Turn 2, The French flank march arrives.
I push my troops on the left hand side who were deployed incorrectly.  The French CnC decides to advance "cautiously", rolling a one for pips, again.

Turn 3

It's not looking good for Louis's desire for a buttered danish.

The French flank march charges into the LMI-Shot Bayonet and fails to do anything.

The Danish shooting proves to be very effective, hitting nearly all their targets.  The only French success is to hit the LMI-Shot Bayonet advancing towards the hill.

Turn 4

It's all gone horribly wrong from the French.

The flank march was destroyed or pushed off the table.

In the centre, the line infantry made a brave attach on the Danish foot, hoping that their "Espirt du Corps" would break their opponents.  Instead, the Danes held and then mounted a counter charge.

Turn 5

King Louis graciously allowed the Danish king to retain their pastries and went back to France declaring the battle a victory for the French, while only having one Guard Horse, Guard Pike & Shot and an Heavy gun left.

Friday, 28 December 2018

ADLG - Hussites vs Medieval Germans

Something a bit different to the the ADLG-R testing I've been doing.

One of the guys at the club has just finished a Hussite army for ADLG and wanted to give it a go.

So, who to face them?  Medieval Germans with some Landschneckts!

Look at all those Warwagons.  Hopefully my Pike based wrecking bars will work.....

Close up of the Landschneckts

The Warwagons start forming a line.  My, that is a big gun!

Friday, 14 December 2018

ADLG-R Early 30 Years War German Protestants vs Imperial Spanish

Got ADLG-R onto the table tonight. I brought Early 30 Years War German Protestants vs Later Imperial Spanish. First time we got to play with Later Tercios.

The Germans won the initiative and invaded Spain, mostly in the plains with a nice open table

The German left and right hand command were identical with a Dragoon, 2 Elite Heavily Armoured Cav Caracole and 2 Heavy Cav Carbine. The Central command was all the foot, an Early Tercio on the left, a medium artillery, 2 Pike & Shot and a Musket only unit in the centre. Facing it on the wings were similar commands to the Germans and in the centre were three Later Tercios, one of which was Elite and two Pike & Shot - Reduced Musket.

The Germans advance and take a hit from artillery
End of the German turn 1

 The Germans advance and take fire from the artillery and generally loose the shooting exchanges

 Turn 3, the Germans charge on the right hand flank, hoping to catch the disrupted mounted, but fail to purse (rolling a 1).

The Spanish retaliate with the Tercios charging and decimating a Pike & Shot in one turn, with it taking 8 cohesion in one turn.

 The next turn the Germans exploit the right hand flank and charge the Pike & Shot hanging out on the right hand side, creating a nice gap.

 The game ends with a German Reiter unit breaking off, seizing the opportunity to sack the camp.

The Spanish almost broke the Germans, missing it by one point.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

ADLG-R The Unofficial Fan Version

I'm a big fan of the Renaissance period and over the last year have been tinkering with extending ADLG to cover the period. Using a draft ADLG-R I found on the ADLG Forum and then an updated version from a few years later, I have put together a small supplement that can extend ADLG to the Renaissance period. Herve has kindly allowed me to post what I've been working on for people to have a play with.

Please note, this is an unoffical fan supplement.

One key difference to the base set of ADLG rules is the idea of the "double unit" for foot battle troops of the period. From a visual perspective, the idea of a single element "Pike & Shot" unit doesn't work for me, so, I've gone with the idea of a double based unit. This allows you to have the visual of a larger foot unit that has to stay together for support during the game. It counts as two seperate units for the perspective of melee & shooting, but takes cohesion as one larger unit.

Gives you the feel of larger foot units being tougher, with mounted being able to work the flanks but would need to soften up a foot unit with shooting before charging it frontally.

You can find the files here

Interested to see what people think.