Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Badcon 2017


The camels won at Badcon 2017.

Kevin and I went for a bonkers army this year rather than our usual Pike and Shotte.

Scarey that the top three places were all camels.....

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gruntz in the City

I picked up the Hawk Wargames city scape while in Cardiff and finally got it to the table.

I've always wanted to have a proper city scape, I've tried to make one my self but failed miserably.

So, for £30, you get quite really good value.

24 x 1' squares, all double sided, plus buildings

James and I had 300 points each and it was a straight fight.

The city with a mixture of the Hawk cardboard buildings, mdf buildings and buildings from Ion Age

The troops advance onto the table

James gets the initiative and charges in

The UNSC advance.  The heavy tank patrols the road to the left while the Spider tank advances towards the helo pad.

View between the buildings.  Ohh Look, a Mech that needs to be shot at

GODENDAG now in Cardiff

Godendag is the first comp of the year and is usually held in Usk.

This year it was relocated to Cardiff, to the store Firestorm games.

Its a really good location and the Firestorm game shop is quite impressive.  They had all the essentials that you need, a bar, things to buy, cheap food and a large space to game on.  The gaming tables were nicely set out as well.  Standard 6'x4' with a divider between tables for your stuff and beer, plus the table had a small lip to prevent dice rolling off.  All in all, very impressive.

The gaming hall

The demo games

Zombie time


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Over Xmas I finally pulled my finger out and went the the rather big box of random figures to paint up.

In there, I found two moles from Games Workshop and thought it would be good to paint them up.

I can see these being used for Horizons War very shortly

Monday, 16 January 2017

25mm Medieval Knights

Part 2 of my painting up of my 25mm Medievals.

My general figures are from Curtsey Miniatures and they are great figures.

You can tell that they are lead, they weigh a ton compared to the plastic figures

this will be my CnC.  I've gone for a round base for him so that he's really obvious.

Some of the knights

25mm Medieval Foot for ADLG

The ADLG bug has bitten me and I've taken the leap into 25mm.

As a massive medieval fan, I couldn't go past the Perry Plastics to form the core of my army.

I added to the army some figures from Fire Forge games.

Crossbowmen with Pavasieres


Longbow.  I've also started a few stakes for the bow.

Medium foot.

Foot Knights!
Their heavy armour does work really well in ADLG

Light Foot with Handguns

Light Foot with Crossbows

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

ADLG in Estella, Spain

One of our old club members is from Spain and came over for a visit a few months ago.

He came over for a FoGR competition and we got talking and he mentioned that is club was having an ADLG competition and invited us over.

So, we took him up on his offer.

Six of us from the CWLC took a couple of days off and we made a long weekend of it.

Estella is a small town near Pamploma, so, we got to cram a bit of being a tourist in along with ADLG, tapas and Rioja.

This was my first solo ADLG competition and I was going in with low expectations.

The period was any army to the following periods: Classic, Rome, Dark Ages and America.

I brought my Later Hindu Indians as I had just finished painting them up and I've always wanted an Elephant army.

My to my surprise and to my club mates, I came third place!

I managed to break all five of my opponents, but lost my army in three of the games.

ADLG has an interesting scoring system where if you don't get a result (win or lost) you don't get many points.  You get lots of points for killing bases or causing wounds which worked well for me as I broke all of my opponents.

Game 1 vs Tamil Indians

Mutual Destruction!

A bit of Elephant action, we had 10 elephants on the table

Rather than hiding, the Hindus advance!

The Indians collide, both sides taking a lot of damage.  We got some Elephant rampage going on

Game 2 vs Early Imperial Romans
Big win to me

Forgot to take photos.  :-(

Game 3 vs Byzantine army

Mutal Destruction!

I found after the game I had just broken France's number 6 ranked ADLG player.

The Elephants move in while getting surrounded by light horse.

Cav are good, Elephants trump!

The club put on a dinner for all the participants.  Spanish food isn't the best for a vegetarian like me.

For the carnivore, this is what they got.

The closest I will ever get to eating pork.  Now, where is that red wine, I need a drink!

Game 4 vs Romans
Big win

The Indians win their first initiative and decide to come charging down at the legionnaires.  I thought it would be better to get stuck in first before the very scary blade equipped legionaries made me into kebabs.

Game 5 vs Selucids
Mutual destruction

My elephants saved the day.  My opponent broke me and was one point off breaking.  One of my elephants was killed and went for a rampage over one of his bowmen who was up a steep hill, causing him to break as well.  Revenge!

The results

Raf of 409
Federice (who I broke in game 2) 385
Me on 346