Monday, 1 May 2017

Campaign 2017 - ADLG

I'll be playing in the ADLG competition this year at Campaign.

I'm joining up with a new team members from the CWLC to form Team Z!

I don't expect to do well.

the theme for my period is quite tight, just five armies

I'm in Period 3 and will be running my Feudal Germans.

Theme 1.   The coming of  the Sea Peoples  1260 -1150 BC

  12. Early Libyan     
  14. NKE                 
  21. Mitanni     
  24. Sea Peoples 
  25. Philistine 
  30. Mycenaean      
Theme 2. The end of Alexander’s Eastern Empire 130 – 55 BC

 46. Graeco – Bactrian                   
 46.  Indo Greek 
76.   Skythian                                 
79.   Classical- Indian
102. Parthian           
107.  Kushan
117. Han-Chinese

Theme 3. The Campaigns of Frederick Barbarossa 1152–1190 AD

183.  Feudal German
180.  Sicilian Norman                           
181.  Communal Italian                    
185. Cilician Armenian                       
195  Seljuk Turk not eastern

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Roll Call 2017 Results

The Swedes came, saw and almost conquered.

I managed three big wins, only loosing to Stephen.  Stephen and I were having a good old punch up with the Swedes slowly beating on the Swiss when a general allowing himself to be killed.  The resulting chaos saw 5 battle groups of foot all go disrupted or fragmented in one turn, which turned the tide to the Swiss.

Just a bit more Sabaton to enjoy, Carolus Rex

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Roll Call 2017, release the Swedes!

Roll Call 2017 is up soon and I'll be playing in the FoGR 25mm period.

Little sad to see that the 15mm FoGR period got cancelled as there was only one entrant.

So, I'm bringing out my 25mm Later Swedes again for a run. 

I may be listening to some Sabaton to get inspired!

30 Years Pike & Shot for ADLG-R

I've painted up and based some pike & shot for the ADLG-R beta rules.

ADLG is based on a 40mm frontage while FoGR is a 120mm frontage.

One of the ideas in ADLG-R to represent the larger, trained foot units in the 30 years war periods is to double base units.  This makes them tougher and self supporting but loose the flexibility of single based units.

Will be interesting to see which way the rules go

The units

The Early Tercio.  It's based 80mm x 80mm.  It gives you the visual effect of an early tercio but too much easier to transport than the FoGR one which is 160mm square.

A few cuirassiers painted up

Friday, 31 March 2017

ADLG-R Early Swedes vs Early 30 years War Germans

Dave and I had our first game of ADLG-R and it wasn't bad.

Dave brought Early Swedes and I brought my trusty Germans.  The Germans ended the game victorious and a bunch of questions came out of the game.

I had my troops double based, so, pike and shot were 80mm wide, where as Dave was using his old FoGR bases, so, everything was 40mm wide.

The Germans won the initiative and attacked. I had the early tercio (just because I painted it)  and advanced toward the swedes.

The Germans get into firing range.  Our pub/club doesn't have the best of lighting......

A few turns later.  As nearly everyone has a gun, just about every base has at least a cohesion marker.


The CLWC has been bitten hard by the ALDG bug and we've been really enjoying it.

As I've been playing it, my mind has been thinking, "Could this work for Renaissance?"

A bit of digging around and I found a beta version of the ADLG-R rules, basically a seven page expansion to the ADLG rules.

So, last night we gave them a run.

Overall, for a beta, they worked very well.  We got the same feel of "renaissance" we got from FoGR, but using the ADLG mechanics.

One of the debates with the beta rules is how to represent pike and shot units.

In FoGR, they are represented by four bases of musket and two pike bases.

As ADLG is an element game, how do you do this?

one suggestion is to have a single base, 1/2 spear, 1/2 musket, treat the unit as a mixed unit.

The other one, is to combine two bases together, giving you an 80mm wide by 40mm deep base that moves as one unit.

I couldn't resist, Museum Miniatures had a sale on....

Early Tercio (80mm x 80mm)

Standard Pike & Shot units

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Time off from FoGR

I'm going to be taking most of 2017 off from FoGR and give ADLG a good run.

After Britcon last year I was becoming very jaded/bored with FoGR and over a few pints was chatting with my club mates.  I hadn't realised I'd been playing FoGR at over 8 comps a year for the last five years, plus club games.

So, for 2017, I'm going to just play at the 25mm comp and a few doubles comps.

I've been participating in the FoGR v2 forum a bit, but work has been pretty full on for the last six months,  which hasn't left much time to play of the forums.  I'd rather spend time at the club than on the computer.


The CLWC has really adopted ADLG as our main set of ancient rules, with games like DBMM and FOGAM having basically died off.

The rules allow for a lot of granularity with different weapon types and armour.  This naturally made me start to think about how this would go with a renaissance army, so, I went looking.

I found on the ADLG forum a beta of ADLG-R.  It's a five page expansion to the core rules which covers up to the rise of the bayonet, so, around 1699 ish.

ADLG is a single element based game, so, one of the big questions is how do you represent pike and shot units?

ADLG-R has two options, retain single elements or, go for double based elements.

The double based elements allows you to visually represent a larger foot unit, like a tercio or pike and shot unit and give it the integral support the pike provides the shot.

So, I've gone and about some new foot and based up five pike and shot units and one early tercio.

Now to get a game on....

CWLC ADLG One Day event

The CLWC mob put on a one day Medieval ADLG comp which was a lot of fun.

I couldn't device what to bring so I went with my default option, Medieval Germans.

ADLG makes heavy foot like pike and spear actually worth while using by giving them one more cohesion point than mounted and medium foot.  This allows them to properly pick a fight and actually stay around for a while.

The Runners & Riders.
18 players and only a few double ups.  Interesting to see armies like Condottieri Italian, Scandinavian and Scots, not something you usually see.

The results

Woot!  Forth place!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Badcon 2017


The camels won at Badcon 2017.

Kevin and I went for a bonkers army this year rather than our usual Pike and Shotte.

Scarey that the top three places were all camels.....

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gruntz in the City

I picked up the Hawk Wargames city scape while in Cardiff and finally got it to the table.

I've always wanted to have a proper city scape, I've tried to make one my self but failed miserably.

So, for £30, you get quite really good value.

24 x 1' squares, all double sided, plus buildings

James and I had 300 points each and it was a straight fight.

The city with a mixture of the Hawk cardboard buildings, mdf buildings and buildings from Ion Age

The troops advance onto the table

James gets the initiative and charges in

The UNSC advance.  The heavy tank patrols the road to the left while the Spider tank advances towards the helo pad.

View between the buildings.  Ohh Look, a Mech that needs to be shot at

GODENDAG now in Cardiff

Godendag is the first comp of the year and is usually held in Usk.

This year it was relocated to Cardiff, to the store Firestorm games.

Its a really good location and the Firestorm game shop is quite impressive.  They had all the essentials that you need, a bar, things to buy, cheap food and a large space to game on.  The gaming tables were nicely set out as well.  Standard 6'x4' with a divider between tables for your stuff and beer, plus the table had a small lip to prevent dice rolling off.  All in all, very impressive.

The gaming hall

The demo games

Zombie time


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Over Xmas I finally pulled my finger out and went the the rather big box of random figures to paint up.

In there, I found two moles from Games Workshop and thought it would be good to paint them up.

I can see these being used for Horizons War very shortly

Monday, 16 January 2017

25mm Medieval Knights

Part 2 of my painting up of my 25mm Medievals.

My general figures are from Curtsey Miniatures and they are great figures.

You can tell that they are lead, they weigh a ton compared to the plastic figures

this will be my CnC.  I've gone for a round base for him so that he's really obvious.

Some of the knights

25mm Medieval Foot for ADLG

The ADLG bug has bitten me and I've taken the leap into 25mm.

As a massive medieval fan, I couldn't go past the Perry Plastics to form the core of my army.

I added to the army some figures from Fire Forge games.

Crossbowmen with Pavasieres


Longbow.  I've also started a few stakes for the bow.

Medium foot.

Foot Knights!
Their heavy armour does work really well in ADLG

Light Foot with Handguns

Light Foot with Crossbows