Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Britcon 2017

The Elephants WON!!!!!

The mad experiment of the Elephants worked, much to my surprise.  It was fun to see peoples expression when I deployed 10 elephants.  

End result was three big wins and three winning draws.  It does help when you have an army of 18 battle groups, it allows you to loose a few. 

At Britcon we were trying out the v1.9 rules that have been developed on the forum.  The only deviation from the forum rules were the points cost for mounted.  

Game 1 vs Stephen's Burmese.  

The two elephant armies line up against each other.  22 elephants on the table, 35 battle groups.

the table did seem to be sagging in the middle......

Stephen deployed with a mass of elephants on one side, plus a flank march.  Just what I needed, cav in my rear....

The Elephants advance!

I had my elephants more spread out, Stephen went with the big hammer option

All the elephants charge, after the bow shooting proved to be ineffective

Somehow much to everyones surprise, the foot held and proceeded to break all the elephants in a few turns.  Once done, the rest of the Burmese were rapidly wrapped up.

Game 2 vs Keith's Japanese

The great clash of a Vegetable Jalfrezzi with Garlic Naan vs Sushi

Both armies looked at each other and went for the simple tactic, line up and advance.
Who would be the winner?  Elephants or Armoured foot with Spears?


Keith deployed a waterway to lock down a flank, which worked for me as well.  My army was designed to fill the entire deployment zone and then the flanks.

 The Japanese camp
 Japanese foot, all very pretty.

 The lines advance, shooting not proving very effective, the Samurai had armour.

 The two lines crash together.
The Samurai found that spear is good, Elephants is better.
 2nd to last game
More Samurai
Lynette had a different composition to Keith, she went for more average troops, but a lot more of them.
17 battle groups worth

Lynette was the only opponent to actually kill any elephants

the result was a winning draw to the Elephants, but if we had a had a few more turns, I was in a world of trouble with Samurai charging my troops in the rear.

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