Wednesday, 2 August 2017

ADLG in Salamanca

The Spanish are running the worlds this year in Salamanca and the Central London mob are descending on mass for the ADLG competition.

It's an open competition and I have no idea how I'll go.  I'm hoping for mid table.

The comp runs over three days and we are hoping for some tapas and red wine time.

I'm looking forward to catching up with the Italian team, didn't get to talk much to them at the Belgium comp as I was running FoGR.

El Creator will be there (Herve Caille).

First game will be a historical matchup.  Only two elephant armies, which surprises me

This is the runners and riders (six more to come)

First Name Surname Country Army nº Army 
Serge Adeline Belgium 252 Byzantine Besieged 
Christophe Gouneau France 265 Ming Chinese 
Lionel Martinez France 64 Early Achaemenid Persian 
Lionel Morvan France 224 Condotta 
Frédéric Turpin France 187 Later Crusader 
Hervé Caille France 260 Delhi Sultanate 
Maximilien Gouneau France 263 Yuan Chinese 
Ostap Bender France 128 Nikephorian Byzantine 
Jean-Yves Cassas France 236 War of the Roses 
Philippe Gerbet France 234 French Ordnance 
Frédéric Duffau France 126 Maurikian Byzantine 
Thierry Baylac France 234 French Ordnance 
J.F. Navarro Spain 183 Feudal German 
Rafa Tortosa Spain 263 Yuan Chinese 
Iñaki Iraizoz Spain 193 Ghaznavid 
Quino Ruiz Spain 106 Palmyran 
Victor Catala Spain 86 Middle Imperial Roman 
Salvador Senabre Spain 148 Feudal Spanish 
Elio Cubiles Spain 263 Yuan Chinese 
Oscar Riveiro Spain 106 Palmyran 
Roberto Riveiro Spain 133 Arabs in North Africa 
Jose Mas Spain 88 Gallic 
Alonso Riego Spain 19 Gulf States and Oman 
Dave Allen UK 251 Ottoman Empire 
Dave Saunders UK 40 Alexander the Great 
Gordon Jamieson UK 181 Communal Italian 
Howard Gray UK 187 Later Crusader 
Ian Mackay UK 109 Sassanid Persian 
Peter Webb UK 193 Ghaznavid 
Richard Young UK 224 Condotta 
Simon LeRay-Meyer UK 183 Feudal German 
Tim Porter UK 40 Alexander the Great 
Clive McLeod UK 241 Medieval Polish 
Marc Crotteau USA 128 Nikephorian Byzantine 
Francesco Berucci Italy 210 Samurai 
Stefano Salvaderi Italy 224 Condotta 
Lorenzo Marinaro Italy 224 Condotta 
Stefano D'Addino Italy 121 Tamil Indian 
Fernando Sousa Portugal 79 Classical Indian 
Orlando Almeida Portugal 39 Alexandrian Macedonian 

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