Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gruntz, 15mm Scifi rules

I've been meaning to pick a full copy of these rules for a while now.

I had a look at them when they were in beta and then got distracted by Tomorrows War.

Will be interesting to see which I prefer to play.

I like the way that Gruntz has lots of support from the various 15mm vendors and has published army lists for most of them.  Saves me a lot of time.

From the first glance, they seem pretty straight forward and look like they will be a lot of fun.

Now to get them on the table.


Alessandro "Callaghan" said...

Very interesting. What is special about the rules?

the.urban.bunny said...

They are focused just on 15mm and are very straight forward. The rules read very well and make sense. I can see it playing very quickly.

The rules writer has gone to the effort of building a squad generator app which you can use to design your squads and print out your cards.

I can see this becoming my preferred set of rules for scifi.