Monday, 11 May 2015

The return of Ambush Alley rule set

The team over at Ambush Alley games have announced the return of their original set of rules, Ambush Alley.

I'm interested to see what they do with the rules as while the Force on Force rules are a lot of fun, they do have a high learning curve. 

I like their approach to not trying to ditch the current set of FoF rules and expansions like other vendors do.

FoF is one of those games that I want to play more of, just never get the time to do it.....

From the Ambush Alley site

When we followed Ambush Alley  up with the first edition of Force on Force in 2008, we expanded the scope of the game to larger, more conventional battlefields. Little did we know that book would attract the attention of Osprey Publishing and make Force on Force our major focus for nearly four years. After publishing a 2nd edition of FoF and eight companion books behind, we found ourselves nostalgic for the tighter scope of Ambush Alley
What's more, we've learned a lot in the past eight years (you guys are good teachers), and we really wanted to apply those lessons without gutting Force on Force. We're well aware that many of you have sunk a lot of your hard earned cash in FoF and its eight companion books and we really didn't feel right about putting out a new edition - it wouldn't have been a money grab, but it sure might have looked like one to some folks. We pride ourselves on being a game company run by gamers for gamers, so the last thing we want is to look like we're falling into some sort of planned obsolescence based version release strategy. We decided it would be a much better idea to kill two birds with one stone by putting out a new version of our much loved Ambush Alley  rules that incorporates the lessons we've learned in the "FoF years."

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