Sunday, 31 May 2015

Central London - Southern League FoGR 1 Day comp

I'm organising the one day FoGR comp in London as part of Southern League circuit

These are the details

Period - Rise of Gustavus Adophus

Date - Sunday 26th July
Venue - The Escape Sports Bar, 2 Lidlington Place, Regents Park, London NW1 2JU (2 minutes walk from Mornington Crescent tube). If you want to drive, parking is controlled on Sundays in the streets immediately around the pub, but if free a couple of blocks away (in some streets which may be somewhat less secure?) - otherwise there are car parks nearby as well
• Format – 3 x 2.5hr games
Date Range - 1618 - 1648
Lists allowed

Later 80 Years War Dutch
Later Imperial Spanish
Early 17th Century French
30 Years War Dutch
Early 30 Years German Catholic
Early 30 Years German Protestant
Later 30 Years Germans
Early Swedish
Later Swedish
30 Years War French
30 Years War Peninsular Spanish
Early Restoration Portuguese
Early Gustavan Swedish

All army lists must conform to the following restrictions
6 battle troop foot bases per artillery

The cost will be £10, and any excess after paying for the venue and prizes will be put behind the bar as a tab. You will be able and expected to "buy at least a couple of drinks during the day and order a curry for lunch" as a condition of entry.

We will aim for a (civilized) 10:00ish start time, so curry lunch at 1pm-ish, so we can all aim to be done by around 730-ish pm.
We can definitely fit 10 tables in, and I think we can get up to 12, so at least 20 people can enter.
Pay on the day

Its 15mm and 800AP, but we might make deployment zones a little deeper for battle troops so everyone gets stuck in quickly.

Lists to me by the 10th July please

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