Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gruntz - Tank Assault!

Tamsin and I got Gruntz onto the table again.  The scenario was 300 points to Tamsin's tanks deployed off the table and had to get a randomly chosen vehicle off the other side of the table.

I had 250 points of infantry deployed on the table with no more than 100 points of tanks.

So, my UNSC deployed their newest tank, the Spider Heavy Assault tank.  Let's see how well a tank designed by committee and the lowest tender goes.

The table with a small settlement (buildings from the Ion Age range)

Tamsin's german tanks deployed off table, ready to move on

Hover Missile launcher tank

Hover tank with big gun

Hover AA tank, lots of barrels

The tanks arrive on table, it doesn't start well for the UNSC, a heavy missile launcher team get's killed in one turn.

The UNSC manage to kill one tank, but are getting hammered.  The Germans have built their tanks well

The Spider Assault tank fails to tank down the enemy tanks and gets nailed shortly afterwards

In the end, the UNSC were over run by the Germans very convincingly.  A committee has been formed to review the procurement of the tank to determine why it failed to meet set specifications.

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