Monday, 11 May 2015

Campaign 2015

Last weekend the Central London team went off to the shopping mecha of Milton Keynes for the team competition, Campaign.

Campaign is one of our favourite comps as the themes are very tight and usually the power armies are excluded.

These were the periods for this years comp.

The Periods

1) By popular acclaim:
Last Trumpet of the Elephants, Southern Asia 1650-1698
Minimum of 4 Elephant bases, no more than 16 bases of Superior Battle Troops
Vietnamese (May have Khmer allies)
Thai Burmese and Khmer (May have Portuguese allies)
Indonesian or Malaccan (must be an option that has Elephants),(may have Dutch allies if Johor Sultanate)
Hindu Indian (May have Dutch allies if Sinhalese Kingdom)
Muslim Indian

2) Close one but more peasants than religious fanatics in today’s war gamers:
Peasant Revolts and their Overlords. An army must have as many poor bases as it has sup/elite bases. (mob and LF count towards these totals)
Peasant Wars (Please specify your uprising)
German States 1524-1526 (may have German State allies, and use South or East Germany options)
Maximillian Imperial (no Italy options) 1514-1516
Hungarian 1514
Vasa Swedish 1542-1543 (Any bases may be downgraded too Poor to obey the poor/sup rule)
Early Danish 1534-1536 

3) A tie so Umpires choice:
Friends and Enemies of Charles II and his wife 1660-1685. 
Later Dutch included as although the war was fought at sea, there could have been a land battle.
Restoration British (Includes Tangiers and In Scotland options)
Later Spanish (Spain only)
Late Restoration Portuguese
North African States
Covenanting Rebels
Monmouth Rebellion
Later Dutch

I went for period 3 and took Later Dutch.

There were five teams and five games, so, the draw was nice and easy, everyone fights everyone.

We ended up 2nd place, which were very happy with.  Even better, the 2nd place prize was chocolate, so, something for the missus!

I managed three wins, a draw and a loss.

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Gr Bowman said...

Edible trophies! Brilliant!