Friday, 31 March 2017


The CLWC has been bitten hard by the ALDG bug and we've been really enjoying it.

As I've been playing it, my mind has been thinking, "Could this work for Renaissance?"

A bit of digging around and I found a beta version of the ADLG-R rules, basically a seven page expansion to the ADLG rules.

So, last night we gave them a run.

Overall, for a beta, they worked very well.  We got the same feel of "renaissance" we got from FoGR, but using the ADLG mechanics.

One of the debates with the beta rules is how to represent pike and shot units.

In FoGR, they are represented by four bases of musket and two pike bases.

As ADLG is an element game, how do you do this?

one suggestion is to have a single base, 1/2 spear, 1/2 musket, treat the unit as a mixed unit.

The other one, is to combine two bases together, giving you an 80mm wide by 40mm deep base that moves as one unit.

I couldn't resist, Museum Miniatures had a sale on....

Early Tercio (80mm x 80mm)

Standard Pike & Shot units

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