Thursday, 23 March 2017


The CLWC has really adopted ADLG as our main set of ancient rules, with games like DBMM and FOGAM having basically died off.

The rules allow for a lot of granularity with different weapon types and armour.  This naturally made me start to think about how this would go with a renaissance army, so, I went looking.

I found on the ADLG forum a beta of ADLG-R.  It's a five page expansion to the core rules which covers up to the rise of the bayonet, so, around 1699 ish.

ADLG is a single element based game, so, one of the big questions is how do you represent pike and shot units?

ADLG-R has two options, retain single elements or, go for double based elements.

The double based elements allows you to visually represent a larger foot unit, like a tercio or pike and shot unit and give it the integral support the pike provides the shot.

So, I've gone and about some new foot and based up five pike and shot units and one early tercio.

Now to get a game on....

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