Friday, 31 March 2017

ADLG-R Early Swedes vs Early 30 years War Germans

Dave and I had our first game of ADLG-R and it wasn't bad.

Dave brought Early Swedes and I brought my trusty Germans.  The Germans ended the game victorious and a bunch of questions came out of the game.

I had my troops double based, so, pike and shot were 80mm wide, where as Dave was using his old FoGR bases, so, everything was 40mm wide.

The Germans won the initiative and attacked. I had the early tercio (just because I painted it)  and advanced toward the swedes.

The Germans get into firing range.  Our pub/club doesn't have the best of lighting......

A few turns later.  As nearly everyone has a gun, just about every base has at least a cohesion marker.

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