Thursday, 8 September 2016

Worlds - Belgium 2016

The Worlds are being held this year in Belgium, in a town called Charleroi, just south of Brussels.

I put my hand up to run the FoGR comp and managed to get 10 players.

I was hoping for a lot more, but with the Worlds was down on numbers, I was happy to get the comp running.

We had players from Belgium, UK, France, Germany and a South African

The Worlds had a FoGR and FoGAM comp in one hall running over three days and in the other hall an ADLG and X-Wing two day comp.

I didn't get much time to see the other events, we had just a 30 min break between games and I had to do the draw.  It wasn't the best time to find out that your iPad can't do sorts, which meant doing the draw by hand. (Face plant)

One nice thing about playing in a sports hall, they had cheap beer and table service.  That helped a lot with the 30 degree heat.....

The end results was I got 2nd place!  This makes up for the horrible run I had a Britcon coming third last.

I supplied some extra trophies and got to bring one home.

First place was a 25mm Gustavus Adolphus on horseback.

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