Thursday, 22 September 2016

Horizons War - Tyranids vs Humans

Tim and I got Horizons War out on the table and got some 6mm big robot action.

I brought my Tyranids and Tim had a mixed force of 15mm GZG, 6mm moderns and scratch built models.

We went for a 20 point game, no scenario.

Let's see how good my cheat sheet is.

My force comprised of three big bio Titans (2 x P4 and 1 x P3 mechs) and a bunch of bio vehicles and infantry.

Tim had a similar force.

We didn't try any of the deep deployment rules or anything fancy, this was Tim's first game.

Nice decent sized table with lots of terrain to hide behind.

Tim's reactor getting ready to explode (it had a flickering tea light inside, very cool effect)

Here comes some Bio goodness.

The Bio Titan shoots and misses.

Tim's missile mech does a lot better, forcing me to run away.

Some Genestealers charge in and get mauled very heavily.  We discover that close combat is brutal.

The teeth action from the Genestealers make short work of the human's power armour.

Bio Titan scurrying away  after realising a six to one combat isn't good.

A Bio Titan engages a smaller mech in close combat.

Last heard from the mech "Do not put that tentacle there!"

The Titan is being surrounded and slowly killed.

End result a win to the humans.  I lost most of my right hand flank Tim's forces were mauled but still fighting.

Horizons War is pretty good.  It's very quick and gives you a good game.  With the model count quite low, you can set up an army for a reasonable amount.

I can see some models from Drop Zone Commander being purchased.

Now, let's look at the Bio rules that Robey has come out with.

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