Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Blucher - Austrians vs Early War French

Last night I got to give my almost finished Austrians a run against Geoff's French.

All the figures are from Lancashire Models except the generals who are from Old Glory.

Lancashire figures aren't the greatest, but they are priced very well and it paints up OK.

I've painted my using a lot of Army Painter base coats and dipping, which works well for my style painting.

The Austrians didn't do too well though, Geoff is very good at the pre battle map system, Scharnhorst.  This left me in the position of having to completely break him to have a chance.

Anyhow, I got my new toys on the table and it was all good.

Turn 3

Geoff has redeployed his troops behind the river while waiting on his flank march to arrive.

I'm  pushing towards the BUA to get some points.

The French line

The Austrians advance supported by artillery.

The Landwehr advance to the forest where it's safe.

The Austrians engage the BUA defenders while trying to keep their left flank intact after the flank march arrived.

It looks good from here, but the Austrian shooting is ineffective.  I think I managed to cause one hit in all the shooting.....

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