Saturday, 16 January 2016

Usk 2016

1st comp of the year.

This time, I'm not playing FoGR, I'm partnering up with Tim of Madaxeman fame to play in the ADLG doubles comp he's running.

We are bringing a power army to the comp.


  • FoGAM, 
  • FoGR,
  • DBM,
  • L'Art de la Guerre
23rd & 24th JANUARY 2016

L'Art de la Guerre
  • 15mm, 400 points doubles, made up of 2 x 200 point armies (each army must be no more than 210 points with a total combined army size of maximum 400 points). The armies chosen must be listed as potential allies in either army list.
  • Commands from each 200 point "army" may be mingled at deployment however each player must command the 3 adjacent commands in their "half" of the table.
  • The break point of the army is a single break point for the combined armies - the armies do not "break" individually.
  • If flank marching or ambushing 1 command (per player) it is permitted to start with 2+3 commands (per player) and then "transfer" one command to maintain the 3+3 requirement when the flank march arrives / ambush is revealed in order to disguise the flank of arrival. On the same principle, if only one flank march /ambush is being attempted, either player may roll for the flank march/ambushing command. 
  • Terrain is as for a single army 400 point game. Terrain types from either ally may be chosen. Only one strategist per pair can be used to move/remove terrain. 
  • Initiative die roll modifier is based on the aggregate initiative values of both armies
  • Each player has a separate standard camp that must be deployed in their half of the table. The loss of each camp counts as per the standard 200pt rules 
  • Teams are expected to roll for and move 2 commands (ie 1 command per player) simultaneously in order to not unduly delay play, and to resolve combats together as well where possible 
  • Armies drawn from Dark Ages, Feudal Ages and Late Medieval Ages lists (125-266 inclusive)
  • 4 Games, same games times as the other periods

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