Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FFT big game

I got to have a big game of Fist Full of Tows up at the Oxford club with Alasdair of "Lord Hoof" fame.

He put on a scenario and all the toys which made life easy for me, I just brought doughnuts.

Scenario, a civil war in a middle east country, the Crown Prince and brother are caught in the open by the rebel national guard and have to get off  the table.  The Crown Prince and his brother are deployed in two convoys in the centre of the table.

All of my troops were average and Alasdair's were poor which we soon found would make a big difference as the poor ran away almost every time they were shot at.

The game ended a draw, the Crown Prince got off the table, his brother didn't and there were heavy casualties on both sides.

Playing FFT again was really good and makes me think its much better than Cold War Commander.  The major difference is quality of troops really makes a difference.  It allows you to have crap troops with good kit vs say a high quality troops with average kit and get a good game.  Good way to recreate the Sinai battle or other historical engagements with highly motivated and trained troops vs mass of low quality.

The national guard want them dead or captured.....

National Guard tank and inf company start to move on

The Crown Prince stuck in the town.  Due to their level of competence, the convoy stays in town for several turns.

The Crown Prince finally moves out of the town, loyalists engage the rebels and the difference in quality starts to show as the rebels run away.

The table

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