Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Q'ing Chinese army in Progress

One thing that my FoGR collection has been missing is an Asian army and so, I picked up the figures from Irregular Miniatures at the Derby event.

Over Xmas I had some spare time and painted up the infantry and artillery, just need to add flock now.

A friend of mine needed some practice for Usk and as a few players at Usk were using this type of army, I brought it along to give his Ottomans a run for their money

The Chinese lining up

Each infantry unit comprises of 8 bases, all bow, front line light spear with regimental gun.

I went with the idea of having a regimental gun integrated with the spear, but found I kept forgetting it so, have to paint some more.

Close up of the artillery

The Ottoman line, that's a lot of musket......

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