Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Challenge 2013


last weekend I went to The Challenge for a bit of FoGR action.

It was another themed comp (the best type), this was the theme, any list from Wars of Religion between 1618-1649.

The runners and riders was a bit of a surprise, early Swedes, Germans comprised the bulk of the armies with two Imperial Spanish and one 30 Years War French.

I ended up on 4th place, 2 points behind 3rd.  :-)

Soo close, better luck next time.

I brought my 30 Years War Germans out again, always good fun.

My army was

6 x Kurrassiers (Armoured superior pistol pistol)
3 x Pike & Shot units
2 x Light Horse with Carbine
2 x Dragoon units
2 x Artillery, 1 x 2, 1 x 3

Notes from the comp

Artillery in threes are not worth it.  One hit and you have to take a test.

6 horse is good, need to have some Heavy Armour as well.  I ran up against a few HA units and got beat as I was down a factor.

Things to note for next time.

I do love FoGR, it works for me.

1 comment:

Iron Duke said...

Fourth!?? That's good!
Kudos and well done and all that congratulatory stuff!
You'll have to post a photo of your trophy cabinet soon :)
So how were your matchups? Historical? Didya get the perfect "Aw yeah! Here we go!" match?