Sunday, 14 April 2013

I've been a bad bad boy


I was trawling ebay......

and look what I bought....

A shed load of 15mm Marlburian Essex figures.

There is enough to do two armies, the only thing I would need is artillery

This is the bundle contains

4 x BR005 Command,
2 x BR011 Grenadier Fur Cap,
5 x BR010 Guard Inf Command,
2 x BR009 Guard Inf,
6 x BR045 Line Cav,
6 x BR047 Guard Cav,
1 x BR018 Grenadier Mitre,
1 x BR031 Hussar,
5 x BR020 Grenadier Liebguard,
2 x BR022 Grenadier Command,
1 c BR062 Dismtd Dragoon Officer,
1 x BR063 Generals,
1 x BR013 Command Fur Cap,
39x BR049 Cav Command,
12 x BR056 Dragoons,
12 x BR033 Cuirassier Tricorne,
14 x BR057 Dragoons,
3 x BR036 Cuirassier Comm Pot,
12 x BR035 Cuirassier Pot,
4 x BR034 Cuirassier Comm Hat,
31 x BR045 Line Cav.

164 packets of figures for £250.  BARGIN!

now, colour scheme to paint them in?


TamsinP said...

Sky blue with pink polkadots? *evil grin*

Nice haul :)

Iron Duke said...

Nah - if they're Marlboroughian, they should be red and white, with cowboy hats :)

Holy cows, that is a lot of lead... What would that be worth in Aussie Pesos? The freightage $ on that alone would be financially crippling!

How long until you field them? You'll need to set up some sort of conveyor-belt dipping machine.