Sunday, 14 April 2013

Salute 2013

Salute, the South London Wargames club's big expo is on next weekend.

I can hear the credit card screaming already.

This I am after

20mm modern figures to flesh out my Force on Force stuff
sheet metal
Anything shiny

15mm aliens for Tomorrows War
plastic buildings (nice and light to carry)
anything else that catches my eye.

Salute is quite handy for wargaming shopping as all major vendors will be there and  it saves on postage. ( also makes a good day out).

1 comment:

Iron Duke said...

Points (4) and (7) seems a bit broad, it'll be interesting to see what they result in :)

Just had a quick look at the list of traders there! Jeez! I had no idea so many turned up! Makes Cancon look a bit rural :)
I see Eureka will be there- give Nick a hug for me if you see him ;)
You could probably see more of him that I am!