Monday, 27 August 2012

Lisbon 2012

I'm off to play in in Lisbon this weekend.

I will be my first FoGAM comp for the year, so, hope I don't embarrass  myself too much.

Lisbon in a team comp done by country, so, a bunch of Anzacs are flying over from the world to hopefully give a good spanking.

I'll be playing in my favorite pool, the full metal medieval pool.  I'll be bringing in the Medieval Germans with a small twist, a Swiss ally.

The medieval pool has been restricted to some twenty odd lists, of only one which is a skirmisher army (Santa Hermanded), so, the rest of the armies will be proper ones.

I reckon that there will be quite a few Ordonannce French and 100 years war English running around.

At least we can get stuck in.

Wonder who will be in my pool?


Madaxeman said...

I suspect the opposition will include:
4. Dan Martz Jr Free Company, 1415 AD USA
4. Simon LeRay-Mayer Later Medieval German, 1426 ANZAC
4. Ian Stewart Ordonnance French, 1481 AD GB
4. Francesco Berucci Swiss 1476 AD Italy
4. Matthieu Abric Ordonnance French, 1481 AD France
4. Fernando Sousa Free Company, 1444 AD Portugal
4. Benito Martín Later Medieval Danish, 1398 AD Spain
4. Nuno Cordeiro Medieval German City Leagues, 1490 AD Barbarian

Iron Duke said...

>:( <- This is me being all jealous and stuff.

Still, I guess I hope you have a good time and help the ANZACs give a good account of themselves - even though you are bringing out those damn Germans again.
Roll well!