Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Britcon 2012 wrap up

Back from Britcon 2012 and ended up middle of the pack.

It was a very tough competition (there are never enough bunnies) and I ended up with 66 points.

I had six great games with different armies each time, so, lots of variety

Game 1 0-25 vs Western Sudanese
Game 2 5-20 vs Later Imperial Spanish
Games 3 10-10 vs Early 30 years war Swedish
Game 4 20-5 vs West African Forest
Game 5 10-10 vs Later Imperial Spanish
Game 6 21-4 vs Later German States (Barvarian)

One big surprise of the comp was to see the power of foot armies over the mounted ones.  The guys who got 1st, 2nd and 3rd all had foot armies.

Good to see that you can win a comp with a proper army, unlike the mounted one I brought.

Everywhere I looked there were guys with guns who took me to pieces.

It was lots of fun and I can see my army changing for the next comp.

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