Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lisbon 2012 wrap up

So, a bit late, but here is the wrap up from Lisbon. The Anzac team ended up 7th out of 8th. We were doing well going into the last bound but we didn't do as we'll as we hoped and the other teams around up got big wins.

The idea of the 30-0 made every one get stuck in and play like they had a pair which was a nice change.

My results were;

Free Company (Portuguese) win to me
Swiss (Italy) big loss to me
Medieval German city leagues  (barbarian) draw
Medieval Danish(Spain) win to me

Lots of fun playing with the international teams and speaking Italian with the Italian team.

Photos to come from the visit to the armoury.

It was great to play a period comp with tightly controlled armies. None of us medieval players had to worry about light horse armies running around us.  We all got to do some moving and then lined up and charged.  Good honest fun.

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