Friday, 6 May 2016

Campaign 2016

We are off to Campaign 2016 this weekend.

Tim, Dave A and I are back as Central London Mediocre and I'll be in the 25mm period this time.

Lets see if I can do better than last year.....

here are the periods

he usual current restrictions on Artillery (1 gun per 6 infantry BG bases; no fire into flank zones on deployment) and superior/average troop mix (No more superior/elite bases than average/poor for both Foot and Horse BG's) will apply.

Period 1:25mm 700pts - The English English Civil War (1641-1646) : - Early ECW Royalist, ECW Parliamentarian, Later ECW Royalist, New Model Army.
• 40mm MUs for Movement, Command Distances and Shooting, 
• 1 inch MUs for Terrain, Deployment and Threatened Flank Sectors

Period 2: 15mm 800pts - Armies, Allies and enemies of France 1485-1529 – Maximillian Imperial, Trastamara Spanish, Italian States, Italian Wars Venetian, Italian Wars French, Early Henrician English, Scottish, Swiss.

Period 3: 15mm 800pts – The Battle for India 1500 – 1625: - Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian (except Sinhalese), Rajputs, Mughal, Colonial Portuguese with compulsory Hindu Allies (3 BG's minimum). (i) All lists must feature at least 1BG of Elephants 

The runners and riders have been posted.  I'm a bit surprised by the other choices in the 25mm period, maybe I didn't choose the right army....

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TamsinP said...

My word - myself and the other female entrant are both in the same period. And the two Central London teams are playing their final games against each other. This should be interesting :)

With my Swiss, the length of time since I last played FoGR and my usual tactical incompetence (not to mention dice luck on a par with Clive) I fully expect to have plenty of time for shopping and trying out participation games this year.

See you tomorrow mate! :)