Monday, 9 May 2016

Campaign 2016 Results

The Central London Mediocre team returns victorious from Campaign, making up for their horrible run last year!

Dave and I took first place in our periods as well!

Was good to see a few new players, especially Izzy who is just 12 getting her first 25-0!

I didn't take many photos as the games were on a tight schedule (3 hours each) plus a quick turn around between games. 

It was fun to get the 25mm figures on the table and stomp around.  The tight ECW theme did allow for several variations on each army, so, you never really knew what you were going to face.

Game 4,

Paul's Parliamentarians advance across the table.

 Game 5, Chris's Royalists advance.

Chris owns one of the Cigar Battle Box cloths so, we used that as well.  It gives the table quite a nice look and takes away from the usual dull green or carpet sheets we usually use.  Very temping to buy......


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