Friday, 13 November 2015

Gruntz AAR - Assault

Tamsin and I had a good game of Gruntz a few weeks ago.

We played an assault scenario, where I had 400 points of troops off table and Tamsin started with 250 on table, with a final 100 points of reinforcements that could come on after turn 4.

I had the objective to capture the central tower and landing pad.

I wrote up my deployment map before we set up the table to try and represent "military intelligence".

The table before troops, my objective is the tower at the end of the table, just in front of the pint glass.  :-)

The Outpost

The objective, the white tower with a landing pad at the top.  Just what I need to land on, or do I?

Tamsin deployed defensively, my UNSC troops move on

Excuse the bottle of larger

View from Tamsin's side, on the right you can see my assault VTOLs arriving.  I wonder what troops they are carrying?

Defensive position, I wonder what those sentry guys are armed with?  I find out very shortly, and very painfully.......

My VTOL assaults arrive with inf support.  A drone is moving up as well

One of my new drones approaches the defensive line, let's see what I am facing.

My gun VTOL let's rip of the defenders

Ohh look, double snake eyes.....

Everyone lets rip on the sentry gun, finally killing it.

My troops obviously went to the Imperial Storm trooper school of marksmanship

The VTOLs get ready for the assault

Gunships move in

Tamsin's mortar team are on fire, mauling my infantry on the way in

My medic moves up to fix some troops, "I might need more bandages"

The gunships and assault VTOLs have broken thru the left flank and are about to deploy their troops

That mortar unit strikes again!

My power armoured troops move in, Tamsin's troops find a way to stop a VTOL with a large amount of firepower.

Another VTOL is destroyed, this time by the re-inforcements.  Those APCs have a big gun mounted on them.

We called it a draw at the end, I had managed to get the tower I needed, Tamsin had mauled my assault quite badly and most of my infantry had been wiped out.

This was our first big game of Gruntz and it worked quite nicely.

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