Monday, 5 October 2015

My Later Swedes

I know they are not in their proper uniform, but I like the colours and it makes it obvious to me who is superior/average on the table (red = superior, blue = average)

I decided to not go for the standard, historical flag, but use the albums of one of my favourite Swedish heavy metal bands, Sabaton, who have an album about Gustavus Adolphus .

The army was fun to play with, you don't get as much shooting as other armies, but as soon as you can, you charge hoping the Salvo effect will disrupt/fragment the opponents. 

One of the Generals

A Salvo foot unit with regimental gun

A line of superior salvo, supported by superior horse with a general pushing them along.

The foot's banner is from the album, Carolus Rex, which is about the Swedes.

More Salve foot, with Coat of Arms and Ghost Division flags

The army all packed up


Phil said...

Splendid uniforms and flags...and splendid paint job!

the.urban.bunny said...