Monday, 5 October 2015

Derby 2015 Wrap up

Just like the Aussie rugby team, WE WON!

We decided to do it in style, winning by .23 of a point, now that was a close game.

It was won by the Porter, who in the final phase of the last game, killed a general, causing the unit it was attached to, to go fragmented.

It was a lot of fun bringing out the swedes, I ended up 2nd place in my pool, a few points behind Don with his League of Ausburg.


TamsinP said...

However, I believe that The Boy Porter still managed to lose 3 of his 4 games, which means that you and the other Simon must have won all of yours. That smacks of competence and we will have to seriously consider your continuing membership of CLWC. TBP gets away with it as killing the general was pure luck.

Oh, we don't actually have membership at CLWC? I guess you're safe then ;)

Congrats on the team win.

Gr Bowman said...

However, we've met and the International League of Baby Seals have agreed that it's time for you to hand your badge back.