Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gruntz AAR - "Where did Everyone go?"

Tamsin and I finally got some 15mm Gruntz goodness onto the table.

I did a quick scenario called "Where did everyone Go?"

The basic premise of the scenario was all communications was lost with an outpost.  A platoon is sent in to investigate and extract "research" data before the UN investigation team arrived.

The UN were able to infiltrate a sniper team before the main force arrived.  Tamsin's force deployed randomly and moved on, with the objective of getting to the walker, spend a complete turn getting the information and getting off the table in 8 turns.

Turn 1. UNSC sniper team hiding on the hill.  The objective is the crashed walker on the street in the centre of the town.

A look down main street.  Notice the walker and drone, wonder where their design influence came from

Tamsin's force arrives in turn 1.  A platoon of NAC inf, no mech or vehicle support.  A VTOL "visiting" for the photo shoot

The NAC advance down main street, the UNSC sniper engages

The NAC arrive at their objective having dealt with the sniper

The UNSC forces arrive and the NAC sniper learns what a 50mm chain gun can do

The NAc forces pull back form the objective after some convincing shooting from the UN troops

UN infantry decide that the hills are looking good and run for it!

The remaining UNSC infantry get nailed by very effective fire from Tamsin's NAC force

End result was a win to the NAC as the UN were no longer effective after turn 6

Need to get more games of Gruntz in.  The mechanics are solid and places very quickly.  We were playing most of the the game just using a 2 page cheat sheet and since our last game was six months ago,, thats not bad.

Now, I hear GZG have a sale on.....


TamsinP said...

Nice AAR Simon. I'll post a link to it on my blog (saves me writing one myself!)

daveb said...

Nice looking game there. Where did you get the shipping containers, hexagonal ?solar panels?, and the helipad?

Any experience with gruntz single basing vs the group base? thoughts?

the.urban.bunny said...

the shipping containers, solar panels and helipad comes from Mad Mecha guy. It's all MDF laser cut terrain and is great stuff.

I prefer to use multi basing, its easier to move around. Single basing works for 20mm or larger. You loose a little of the granularity but it plays a lot quicker.

Iron Duke said...

Jeez, I haven't Grunted since the old days back in Thornbury while you were at Brunswick.
Very nice game. What's the crashed mech from?
Also - the Power Loader is very nice. The High Tension power lines is a nice touch as well.