Tuesday, 9 December 2014

FoGR 25mm

I'm doomed!

This is my 25mm FoGR 30Years War TBA to be painted

How the heck am I going to bring this to the club and play?

Each box is 20cm high......

 Ebay purchased cav.  Low quality miniatures, but, 30 cav for £10

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Iron Duke said...

Hang on - 25mm? 25? Two, five?
Whatcha doing? That's huge! Ye canna paint tha much miniature, man! Ye mad!
Mind you, I was rummaging through a bits box the other day and I found my first ancients army - Marion Romans in 6mm. I never finished all them, so maybe I can't talk.
So is it a comp army, or just for club fun?