Saturday, 14 December 2013

Squats vs Orks Game 2

Gav and I got another game of FWC in while I was in Melbourne.

This time, I brought in a Squat land train in. They were terrible in Epic but I had high hopes of it in FWC.

The Land Train decides to make a run for it around the flank of the table, catching Orks in the open before they got into the BUA.  A flamer does wonders on inf.

The Cyclops starts advancing.  Look what I can see on the other side of the table......

What's the range again?

Close up of the Cyclops, Gav did a real nice paint job of it.

The Colossus with Squat enhanced Rhinos advance up.  Gav upgraded the Rhinos with Las Cannons, a very Squat thing to do.

The Ork Gargant catches the Colossus out in the open and teaches the Squat a thing or two about close assault.

A large chainsaw does wonders against a large target.

The Cyclops gets revenge for the Colossus and nails the Gargant with a direct shot.

This ended up a narrow win to the Orks.  A few more turns and it would have it would have been a Squat win as the land train was running around doing it's thing.

I really have to get someone else to play FWC, it's fun.

Thanks Gav for getting your figures on the table, so cool and love what you have done with the Squats and Orks.

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