Saturday, 14 December 2013

Squats vs Orks game 1

Finally got to get a couple of games of Future War Commander when I was back in Aus.

Gav kindly supplied both armies and he ran the Orks.

We choose lots of shiny toys, I got a Colossus and a Cyclops, Gav got a Gargant and other Orky goodness.

We line up

 The Squats start to advance.  Pity their command rolls were hopeless

The Cyclops lines up to fire on some hapless Ork
 The Orks under fire

The Cyclops lines up again.  "Stick your head out John!"

The Cyclops decides that close assault works better

The Orks decide that running away is a better idea

The Squats won the game.  The Colossus and the Cyclops are quite an effective team and a few cheesy rolls helped a lot.

It was great fun to get a game in of FWC, it's a fun game and plays nicely.

Now, if I can find someone in London to play it

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