Monday, 12 August 2013

Britcon 2013

Game 1 vs 30 Years War French 16 - 9 win

The two armies line up and eye each other up.....

The Savoy battle line

The two lines collide.  The French broke shortly afterwards.

Game 2 vs Scots Jacobite 18 - 7 win
 The scots line up

Game 3 vs Hapsburg Austrians 0 - 25 loss

The Austrians break out of their fortifications to come and pick a fight
 Average vs Superior, who will win....
 My cav try and chase some dragoons off, they got shot up shortly afterwards

Game 4 vs Later ECW Royalist 25 - 0 win

Martin and I had a practice game with our two armies at the club a few weeks before and he gave me a damm good kicking.

The Savoy advance up to meet the English

The armies eye each other up, wondering who will start first.

The Savoy opened up shortly afterwards and the English soon decided they had an appointment somewhere else.

Game 5 vs Japanese 25 - 0 win

The Japanese line up.  With only two mounted in Lynette's army, the Savoy were quite happy to move up and say hi.

The Savoy start advancing in formation
 The two armies collide

The Savoy line holds after the mighty clash of Japanese warriors.  The Savoy rally behind their banners and manage to will all the impact combats, resulting in a few Japanese units disrupting and fragmenting.

The Japanese had the tough choice of breaking off and risking being shot at on mass or staying in. They chose to remain fighting and one by one, broke.

Game 6 8 - 12 draw/lose vs 30 Years War Protestant.

My final game was against Alasdair, the raining FoGR champ as somehow I was in equal 2nd place.


I completely forgot to take any photos of the battle.

The Savoy line only had one choice, defensive position number 1, box in and hold.  Alasdair's army comprised of seven battle groups of superior mounted, four battle groups of dragoons, two units artillery and two units of foot (the cheer leading squad).

I managed to hold out till time was called, having lost 14 out of 15 points and Alasdair lost 10 out of 15 which got me 3rd place.

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