Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FoF game last night

Got to bring out FoF to the table last night and we had a hoot.

Got to have three games in one night. I brought my 20mm US Marines and British to the table.

We each took turns playing the US Marines. The scenario was the Marines were guarding an important intersection and the British were trying to capture it.

The British won the first round with help from a very fortunate Fog of War card played on the US. They thought that there was going to be a gas attack, so, kitted up in their NBC gear. This caused their quality to drop a level which gave the British an advantage.

The next two games we changed things a bit and played a night time game. A squad of SAS had to infiltrate the table and take out the squad protecting the intersection. They were armed with silenced weapons and the yanks had three more inf squads in various barracks.

In both games, the SAS failed to meet their objectives. Once squad of veteran SAS can't take on a platoon of average troops, though, they did give the Yanks a very bloody nose in the first game.

The game was a hoot, we had a lot of fun and with the new cheat sheets, it flowed nicely.

We got stuck in and even got to have a tank and a couple of HMMMV with TOWs on the table.

There were lots of Fog of War cards played which added lots of spice to the game.

Looking forward to playing more.


sebastosfig said...

Shoot, I missed it. Darn. Btw, we still need to get a game of Fog ren together.

the.urban.bunny said...

Hi Sebastien,

I'm always up for a game of FogR or FoF.

Iron Duke said...

What kind of tank? How did it influence the game?