Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Campaign 2012

Looks like the Central London club will be able to field two teams for Campaign 2012 for the Renaissance competition.

I'm going to be in Period 1, so, most likely my 30 Years War Germans, but will see how they go this weekend at The Challenge.

The real attraction with Campaign is that it's a themed comp and limited army choices. In my period, there are only 8 armies and 25 years difference.

These are the armies that are going to be available.

Period 1
The Reign of Gustavus Aldophus 1617-1632
Early Gustavian Swedish
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Later Imperial Spanish
TYW Danish
Early TYW Protestant
Early TYW Catholic
Early TYW Swedish
Later TYW German Protestant
Later TYW German Catholic

Period 2
War in India 1500-1700
Mongol (till 1504)
Mughal Indian
Muslim Indian
Sinahalese (Hindu Indian)
Rajput (Hindu Indian)
Hindu Indian
Colonial Dutch & Sinhalese allies (allies compulsory)
Colonial Portuguese & Hindu Indian allies (allies compulsory)

Period 3
The War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697
Later Louis XIV French
Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Western)
Later Spanish
Later German States
Jacobite Irish
Scots Jacobite Rebellion
Eastern Woodland Indians
English Colonial American
Dutch Colonial American

Colonial French

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