Wednesday, 16 November 2011

runners and riders for Warfare 2011

The runners and riders list has been published for Warfare. Lots of sharks and tough armies

Tim Porter - Early 30YW Swedish
Alisdair Harley - Later Imperial Austrian
Simon Clarke - Buccaneer
Martin Van Tol - Early Thirty Years War German Catholic
Richard Bodley-Scott (Umpire) - Early Ottoman
Dave M Allen - Eastern Woodlands Culture
Don McHugh - Muslim Indian
Don Avis - Later Imperial Spanish
Ben Jones - Late Louis XIV French
Adrian Steer - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Paddy Bray - Early Danish
Peter Davis - Dutch 80YW
Allan Saull - Hungarian Transylvanian
Lance Flint - Later 30YW German
Simon LeRay-Meyer - Later 30YW German
Richard Young - Central Sudanese
Nick Overland - Early Ottoman
Kevin Johnson - Later Swedish
Rob Horn - ECW Parliamentarian
Peter Alexander - Early 30YW Swedish
Stewart Johnson - War of the League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch
Peter Foster - Later Polish and Lithuanian
Andy Kitcher - Later Swedish
Pete Dalby - Early 30YW Swedish
Dave Parish - Early 30YW Swedish
Nik Gaukroger - Habsburg Austrian Imperial
Steve Hammond - Swiss
Jim Gibson (Floater) - Later ECW Royalist

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