Sunday, 30 October 2011

20mm Force on Force

One of the guys in the club is getting into Force on Force with me and has a large collection of 20mm figures. So, you know what happened next..... trolling ebay, I found some 20mm plastics and painted them up.

I'll post some pictures soon.

When I was up at Derby a few weeks ago, I picked up some more 20mm figures from the Bring and Buy, so, I reckon I got enough for the next little while. I can now do US, British and "Insurgents". Can't do any arabic insurgents, mine are all european.

20mm looks really good for Force on Force with the figures on individual bases.

I'm going to go back and rebase my 15mm figures using the Flames of War bases as I prefer the 15mm figures on FoW bases.

Need to do my heavy weapons as a priority as they look terrible. You can't spot them out, they look like the rest.

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