Thursday, 15 November 2007

Early Roman 15mm DBM army for sale, AUD $290 plus postage

It's a sad time when you have to sell of some miniatures, but I'm at the point where I can't fit any more in my study, so time to sell of a few old armies so that I can buy some more.

This is my Early Imperial Roman 15mm DBM army (all Museum figures). It's big enough to field about 450AP, if you paint up the spares. This army allows you to field just about the maximum in all the troop with the exception of allies, it's a pure Roman Army.

Cost, AUD $290 plus postage. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and will be up in Canberra in the new year for CANCON, so I can bring it up, or post it to you at cost.


Army Detail

Description Quantity
Psiloi Units (Bows, 2 elements per base) 6
Blade General Units (4 blades per base) 2
Blade Units (4 blades per base) 16
Auxilia Units (4 elements per base) 11
Light Horse Units (2 elements per base) 4
Artillery (Catapult) 2
Artillery (Bolt Thrower) 3
Cavalry General Unit (3 elements per base) 3
Cavalry Unit (3 elements per base) 8
Single Bow Elements, unpainted 13
Single Cav General Elements, unpainted 2
Single Cav Elements, unpainted 2
Single Blade Elements, unpainted 26

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