Thursday, 15 November 2007

15mm Communal Italian DBM Army, AUD $400

Here is another 15mm DBM army for sale, my 15mm Communal Italian (Florentine) army. It's large enough to field approx 500 AP, has enough troops that you can field either spear or auxlia, knights, warwagon (I), warwagon (X), horde, psioli and bow X.

I'm based in Melbourne Australia and will be in Canberra in the new year for Cancon. If you are at Cancon, I can bring it up, or I can post it to you at cost.

The army is 90% Mirliton, only the Warwagon X are Museum.

Contents of army

Description Quantity
Double based Bow X with shields x 4
Spear units with shields (4 spear per base) x 12
Spear units (4 spear per base) x 19
Horde units (mixture of Blade, monks and peseants) x 14
Knight units without barding x 5
Knight units with barding x 8
Knight General units with barding x 3
WWg (X) (Hand pushed card with scythes) x 6
WWg (I) or Bg(S) Carroccio x1
Auxilia Light Troops x 15
Baggage x 1

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