Sunday, 2 April 2017

Roll Call 2017, release the Swedes!

Roll Call 2017 is up soon and I'll be playing in the FoGR 25mm period.

Little sad to see that the 15mm FoGR period got cancelled as there was only one entrant.

So, I'm bringing out my 25mm Later Swedes again for a run. 

I may be listening to some Sabaton to get inspired!


Alessandro "Callaghan" said...

Paint the 25mm is for me unthinkable. I paint the 10mm and 15mm because I'm not that good. I'm curious as to how you proceed. I will follow ..

the.urban.bunny said...

Hi Alessandro,

Yup, painting 25mm can be hard work if you are used to painting 15mm.

I work on the army painter theory, lots of block colours, dip, matt varnish and enjoy playing with them.

I find having good looking bases takes away from an average paint job.

Plus having Sabaton albums as my banners helps.