Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Gruntz in the City

I picked up the Hawk Wargames city scape while in Cardiff and finally got it to the table.

I've always wanted to have a proper city scape, I've tried to make one my self but failed miserably.

So, for £30, you get quite really good value.

24 x 1' squares, all double sided, plus buildings

James and I had 300 points each and it was a straight fight.

The city with a mixture of the Hawk cardboard buildings, mdf buildings and buildings from Ion Age

The troops advance onto the table

James gets the initiative and charges in

The UNSC advance.  The heavy tank patrols the road to the left while the Spider tank advances towards the helo pad.

View between the buildings.  Ohh Look, a Mech that needs to be shot at


TamsinP said...

Great looking table - plenty of LOS blocking which must have made things interesting :)

the.urban.bunny said...

Yup, was very nice to have such a cluttered table.

So, when can I give you a game?