Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Blucher - French Civil War

I'm quite enjoying the Blucher rules.  They are straight forward, play well and have enough detail to allow some evil.

Adam and I had a game recently, with both of us fielding 1809 French armies.  Adam went for a different flavour of French, with lots of Poles, Italians and Swiss troops.

We didn't use the Scharnhorst campaign system, since both of us are still learning the rules, so we deployed the traditional style.

The game ended up a draw with both of us breaking in the same turn, lots of units broke in one turn.

I was the attacker and moved first.  Charge!

The French Dragoons supported by infantry advance on the flanks, with just a cav unit trying to slow them down.

French line advance onto Adam's Swiss and Italian regiments.  The village makes for a nice safe flank.

Adam's Polish shock troops come over the hill, very keen for a fight.

Adam's Polish Cuirassiers appear on my flank, causing quite a lot of damage

The Polish Cuirassiers debating wether to charge my Dragoons on the flank. I charged later on and it didn't go well.

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