Sunday, 27 September 2015

Worlds in Lisbon

I'm loving this idea of being able to play toy soldiers in somewhere warm and then take a week off.

The Worlds this year is being hosted in Lisbon, where I have played a few FoGAM competitions, so, was familiar with the area.  A bunch of us Londoners descended to Lisbon for toy soldiers and some decent wine.

For the FoGR competition, it turned out to be very small with just 7 players.

I couldn't decide what to take, so took my Britcon army with a few minor tweaks.

I placed fourth this year, Ian and I had another clash, I trounced him at Britcon and he got his revenge and deserved 3rd place.

I need to work out what to bring to open competitions now that my usual mounted armies need rethinking

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