Tuesday, 28 July 2015

GZG shopping

I finally caved in and went shopping.

GZG has soo many shiney things that I need/want/must have for my Gruntz army.

Jon from GZG was running a 30th birthday special, so, the more you buy, the more he throws in

This is what rolled thru the door yesterday.

Lots of painting coming up


TamsinP said...

Looks like a bunch of wheeled vehicles. Are you going all NAC on us? ;)

Placed an order myself the other day, but it's for 25mm figures for the Car Wars project - some scenery, some collateral damage, some characters.

Gr Bowman said...

Argh! Detail! Details, man! How about an itemized list of the shiny stuff? :)

the.urban.bunny said...

I have bought a few things from different ranges.

I picked up four drones, 2 x 8 wheeled APCs, a Phalanx APC which I've always wanted, a platoon worth of NSL power armour, a flyer, a spider tank and a few grav tanks.

Will be painting these up for my various Gruntz armies