Monday, 15 June 2015

Challenge 2015

The Challenge is right around the corner.

Kevin has chosen an interesting period

Period details and permitted lists
The Age of Montecuccoli and Turenne - Post TYW (ie 1648) until the retirement of the former and the death of the latter both in 1675. 

Later Imperial Spanish
Early Louis XIV French
Early Restoration Portuguese
Later Dutch (Requirement for Poor horse is removed))
Hapsburg Austrian Imperial
Later German States
Later Spanish
Later Restoration Portuguese
Later Louis XIV French
New Model Army
Scots Covenanter
Confederate Irish
ECW Parliamentarian (no Eastern Association horse allowed)
Restoration British
Covenanting Rebels
Later Swedish
Later Danish
Later Russian 
Later Polish & Lithuanian
Hungarian Kurac Rebellion
Later Ottoman Turkish
Later Venetian Colonial

6 Battle foot bases (not Dragoons or LF) must be taken for each Medium or Heavy artillery base fielded.
This theme should allow TYW troops to be used as sensible morphs, as well as the frilly cuff Louis XIV figures.

I've gone for Later Russians, not sure if's its a good idea as this is the runners and riders

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