Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Roll Call 2015

And that was Roll Call 2015.

It was my first time at playing 25mm FoGR and it was a lot of fun.  Its less of a manoeuvre game than 15mm and more of a get stuck in.

I changed my army slightly and went for the 30 Years War French rather than Later Louis XIV.

The reason?  Cav.  The Later Louis needs Cav and I didn't have enough painted.

So, I ended up 4th.  I got two big wins, a draw and went down screaming in the final round.  A Samurai army showed the French why their swords are world renowned.

The players

A few pictures

Game 1 vs Scotts - Big Win

The French eying off the Scots

Scottish warriors coming charging towards the French

Game 2 vs League of Ausburg - Big win

Lots of shooting

The lines collide

Game 3 vs the Imperial Spanish - Draw
Lots of Elite foot

The two sides eye each other off and then decide, pub is a better option

Game 4 vs Samurai - Big loss

The Samurai line up against the French, it didn't go well for the French

Random photos


TamsinP said...

Nice pics!

Congrats on 4th place! :)

Mike B said...

Fantastic looking armies! Thanks for posting
Mike B