Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Gruntz AAR - Get to the VTOL

Tamsin and I got a game of Gruntz in.

The scenario, 300 points, the UNSC start in the BUA, they have to make their to the VTOL, the Xenomorphs could spawn at one of three points, marked by the random bit of moss.

We also used the card activation to make it a bit more random.

We started one game and soon scrapped it and started again after some discussion.  The Xenomorphs were given a free racial trait of Swarm, so, they could move twice and get into combat, otherwise, they moved towards a building. 

I should have taken some more photos.

The UNSC pulled a narrow win, but lost 1/2 of their strength due to teeth/claw/fangs.  The Xenomorph free trait of Swarm worked well.  The aliens were able to move fast, if they got shot at, could be taken down, but once they got into close combat, it was all over.

The Queen alien got stuck in and even after taking 16 hits was still moving, which she chewed her way thru my forces.

Lots of fun

The UNSC deployed, ready for the run to the VOTL

The UNSC start moving

A Xenomorph appears and gets stuck in.

The UNSC troops became space sushi


TamsinP said...

Nice pics - looks like most were from the first game which we scrapped.

I actually swapped the auto-heal perk for Swarm and improved assault stat.

We should definitely try this scenario again with the revisions we discussed and also do a scenario in confined conditions pitching the marines as specialists against a mix of grunt and specialist xenos.

Gr Bowman said...

So that's the Xmas present buildings on the table? Looks great!