Sunday, 18 January 2015

Usk 2015 results


We got third!

Bringing a mass mounted army to what we found to be a heavy foot comp might not be the best idea.....

We did a fair bit of dancing around while the artillery started shelling anything it could.

One of the highlights was the final game between Simon and Simon where we broke a large veil and a tercio with just artillery fire!  We still lost the game 8-12, but it was just enough to get us third.

Game 1 was vs Stephen Stead and his very tough Huguenot French , 10-10 draw
Game 2 was vs Joe and Geoff and their 22 battle group Ming Chinese, 16-4 win
Game 3 was vs Chis Ager and his Ottomans, 23-2 win.
Game 4 was vs Simon and Simon and their Imperial Austrians, 8 - 12 lost.


Iron Duke said...

Woot! Well done! The trophy pile grows!
Interesting that the top three were all Austrian. Were they all heavy on the mounted like yours?

the.urban.bunny said...

we were the only mounted, the other two were heavy on the foot.

Curse the winners! if they hadn't hid behind forests, we could have taken them